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thats not the right attitude

muscatel, sherry.... bloody mary

5 July 1988
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Sylvia. 23 years old. A little bit crazy and a little bit Polish!! I love traveling overseas, drawing, riding my bike, riding horses, cats, having fun, ranting on my live journal. I sometimes struggle with self injury, but its not a huge part of my journal. My journal is everyday life moanings / funnies about my recent move to Western Australia, my cat, weird people on the bus etc. I also mention / whinge / love / make fun of my boyfriend Herschel who has been my friend for 8 years, housemate for about 4, and dating for just over 1 year. Fun to me is drinking a bottle of wine and playing scrabble, getting stoned and drawing, cooking a dinner party feast for my friends, or hiding in the library or museum usually drawing or reading or learning. I am open to all walks of life, I don't judge because I hate being judged myself because covered in scars and don't believe I should have to hide. (well I am a little bit judgy sometimes but that's usually about people I know IRL) Also I LOVE to cook. Like crazy. I am always trying something new and love recipes. I am also a bit OCD about things being done a certain way and I got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder early last year, but therapy has helped me lots in figuring things out. But I am still a bit crazy sometimes. Also I don't know when to shut the fuck up, so I shall do it now. Bu point being I am always open to having more friends. So if your lurking around, come and say hi!!!